Approximately 95% of plastic produced is discarded after only a single use. If these plastics are not recycled, up-cycled or repurposed they are left to damage our marine wildlife. With over 100,000 marine mammals being killed by plastic each year! This is having a devastating impact on our environment, but it is not too late. You can make a change today by simply switching from single use plastics to Reusable Products. These are some Single Use Plastics to Get Rid of Now!

From Plastic Bottles to Reusable Bottles

It is time to stop buying bottled water! One of the quickest ways of becoming more sustainable is by purchasing a reusable bottle. Not only are you protecting the environment from plastic pollution caused by plastic water bottles, but you are protecting yourself from harmful chemicals such as BPA. If you’re interested in fighting plastic pollution with this simple step, check out our 32 Oz Insulated Bottles, coming in three trendy colours: Black, White and Khaki. For more, click here.

Plastic Straws to Reusable Straws

Plastic straws are one of many contributors to the depletion of marine life and negative effects associated with plastic pollution. If giving up drinking straws entirely is not something that you are ready to commit to, consider replacing plastic straws with reusable straws. Stop sucking up to mass corporations producing virgin plastic and  buy reusable straws such as our four pack of reusable metal straws.

From Cling Wrap to Beeswax Wraps

Cling Wrap may be convenient, portable, and cheap, but there is a catch. After your perishable items are kept fresh for as long as possible, the temporary solution is then tossed into landfill. Instead of contributing to the pollution crisis by using items such as cling wrap that are extremely difficult to recycle and are made from harmful chemicals, there is always an alternate version. Beeswax wraps have so many benefits: they are reusable, washable, antibacterial, sustainable and compostable!

Single Use Coffee Cups to Reusable Coffee Cups

Single use coffee cups that come with your take-away coffee orders are often lined with wax, leaving the mostly paper coffee cup unrecyclable. Instead of contributing to the pollution crisis, invest in a reusable coffee cup, also known as a ‘keep cup’ or a ‘travel mug’.

Plastic Bags to Reusable Bags

Bags are the most convenient way to transport goods from point a to b, whether it be from a retail store or a grocery store. A quick fix for plastic bags contributing to the pollution crisis is to supply your own reusable bags when shopping. Reusable bags are not only environmentally friendly, but they are more durable. Opting for reusable bags made out of materials such as hemp and jute are found to be the most environmentally friendly.